The Peak Soaring Association (PSA) is a hang gliding and paragliding club run by a committee formed from club members.

We have identified and negotiated the use of areas of land from which we can launch and fly paragliders and hang gliders. Our sites are predominantly in the SW Peak area, west of a line roughly from Buxton to Ashbourne.

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Our members are all trained pilots having undertaken courses of qualification with paragliders and/or hang gliders. We are a relaxed, easy going club with a long history of flying in the area and we provide coaching for newer pilots or those simply wishing to progress. We can also give advice to those who wish to take up the sport and advise them on equipment and schools in the area at which they can train.

This website will allow you to explore our club in detail. Within its pages you will find information on what we do, how we organise ourselves and look after our flying sites.

In addition, we provide information on such things as safety, links to further information sources as well as introduce you to committee and coaches.

Finally you will find information on how to go about becoming a paraglider/hang glider pilot and how you can join our club.
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We have a small but thriving club membership as well as a supportive infrastructure that includes a number of club coaches to help those new to the sport or simply new to our sites.

Membership is both cheap and simple but requires active membership of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA).

All details are given on our dedicated membership page linked at the top and bottom of all our web pages.

To learn more just start following the links!

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