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Who Are We?

We are a hang gliding and paragliding club formed by the members to look after the flying sites in the SW Peak area, west of a line roughly from Buxton to Ashbourne. We ensure that good relations are maintained with the farmers and other site users, and encourage the sport by holding social events, training workshops and so on. We are a relaxed, easy going club with a long history of flying in the area.


Who Can Join?

Anyone. If you have just finished your training and wish to fly in this area, or usually fly somewhere else but wish to extend your activities into the Peak area, you will be welcome.


What Does It Cost?

Full flying membership is only £25 per year, though if you are a full member of another club, associate membership is £21. A couple with joint membership pay £37. There is a £5 discount for members joining by standing order.  In addition you may have to pay a daily fee directly to the farmer on whose site you fly as detailed in the Sites Guide that you receive on joining the PSA or can read in the members section of this site.


Then What?

One of the most difficult problems faced by people entering a new sport is getting to know other people in the activity who can help you “fit into the routine”. In flying this is even more important, as the sites are sometimes crowded, have their own rules for safety and other reasons, as well as their own peculiarities once you are in the air. Basic site considerations are outlined in the Sites Guide, but we would hope to be able to prepare you for flying on our sites better than just turning up one day with your Guide, along with the rest of your kit! We have a system of Club Coaches who are all people who have made their own decision to be prepared to help out, either on the hill or at other times, at no cost to yourself  (apart from personally agreed transport costs etc.) If you are in training at the moment, your school will know who the Coaches are, and depending on where you live can point you in the right direction. Twist their arm a little further and they surely will make introductions on the hill while you are out training one day – they might even be persuaded to drag you along to a PSA club social or training night.


What Does A Club Coach Do?

A Club Coach is somebody with experience of hang gliding and/or paragliding who has attended a two-day BHPA course and understands the need for further assistance beyond the basic training. He will not instruct you in the way that your school instructors have done , but may give you assistance on the ground, advise you with regard to the conditions at the time of your flight and generally try to sort out any problems you may face. He appreciates that he may not know everything but will be able to refer you to somebody who does!


Which Sites Do We Control?

Full details of all of the PSA sites are detailed in the Sites Guide that you will receive on becoming a member. You will probably know Shining Tor already as it is one of our most popular training sites. For an apparently small hill Shining Tor often works well in quite poor weather, making it an ideal site for people who live locally to fly after work. Along the ridge is Cats Tor, which we share with the Derbyshire Soaring Club, a short flight away but a longer one back! You may also know Bunster, near Ilam, which is excellent for flying in Southerly winds and for hang gliders we have Edge Top.


What Else Do We Do?

We have social evenings on the second Wednesday of every month at a venue announced in the club newsletter. These range from talks by notable people in the sport to lectures on air law, weather (and how to avoid it!) and may incorporate on site glider handling sessions in the summer months.


Peaktime is the PSA’s monthly news letter in which important safety and site notices are published along with articles of a varied nature contributed by club members. It provides a notice-board  for events, adverts for flying gear and any letters that members may care to write advising us on how we are doing. Be careful though, if you show your head above the parapet you will be invited to join the Committee of the Great and the Good who run the club. This meets on the Tuesday following the previous social evening and any member is welcome to come along.


To join the Peak Soaring Association complete the form overleaf and send it together with the appropriate cheque to the membership secretary at the address given in the files below


Happy Flying


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