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High Wheeldon Closure

posted 23 Jun 2017, 13:05 by Neil Bourne

Site Closer - Lower / High Wheeldon
From immediate effect (22 .6 .17) Low / High Wheeldon is now CLOSED to all flying.
Some very sad news, but the Farmer / land owner of High / lower Wheeldon has asked the committee to notify all PSA members / visiting pilots that the site is closed and to respect this decision and please do not fly this site.
The PSA committee is looking in to what the circumstances are, but for the sake of our sites can all PSA members (or visiting pilots) please DO NOT FLY THE SITE until officially notified by the PSA Committee.

Any breaches of this notice will have long term consequences.  We will update the membership once we have more information.

A sad day indeed.

PSA Committee.