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Arrangements for Westerly XC Flights from DSC Sites

posted 12 Mar 2009, 15:20 by David Joyce
If you are interested in going over the back this year you may be aware that a new block of controlled airspace, Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (RHADS), which was introduced in August last year, is a major obstacle for pilots wishing to fly in Westerly (SSW-W) winds from our sites.

We have managed to negotiate Letters of Agreement for two corridors within this airspace. To allow XC flights these corridors can be activated upon request by nominated members of the club.

The agreement that we have set in place with RHADS stipulates that ALL PILOTS who use these corridors must be suitably briefed and must sign a register to acknowledge their attendance and understanding.

These briefings are to enable pilots to familiarise themselves with the new airspace and the corridor arrangements and we are hoping that everything will be in place by the time the XC season starts in April

If there are any airspace infringements, these could potentially jeopardise the agreements with RHADS that we have worked very hard to obtain and restrict the XC potential from local sites in future.

We have set provisional dates for the briefings for

March 7th  (Gliding Club) 

March 21st (Holmfirth)
and March 22nd (Gliding Club)

Keep an eye on the website for further details.  www.derbyshiresoaringclub.org.uk 

The new airspace around Doncaster will be very restrictive once the xc season kicks off. A huge amount of effort has been put in by various people on the DSC committee (and others) for the benefit of pg+hg pilots, giving us access to airspace that would usually be out of bounds, using "corridors" which can be activated or de-activated. These corridors won't show on the new airmaps, and you'll need to know how to find out whether they're active or not on the day you fly and as we will be sharing the corridors with commercial aircraft, where the busy areas are. You will also find out how the corridor is de-activated while you're in the air, which is why the club is organising briefings to make sure as many people as possible know the process.

Part of the agreement is that the DSC is responsible for keeping a record of which pilots have attended a briefing; please support the efforts of all these people who have been battling for the last year or more to negotiate these corridors for you.

If you're hoping to fly XC this summer from any westerly/sw hill in Derbyshire (or the Elan Valley on a record breaking day!) please email  me  ASAP to let  me know which of the 3 briefings you want to attend ( helen.gant@tiscali.co.uk ). If you're not sure which one you're coming to but are intending to come to one of them, please let me know too? If you can't attend any of them but expect to fly XC from Derbyshire in any sort of westerly or south westerly, please could you let me know?

Get your passport before the airspace stops you getting to the coast.