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Member Login Instructions

If you have logged in successfully before you can Click to Login here.

For first timers here are some instructions on how to create a password and log into the site.

Creating an New Account

To access the private pages you will need a google account (not necessarily a google mail address). You can create a google account with your current email address (the one on which you received the invitation to the site).

If you don't have You can use THIS LINK - to create an account using your email address.

You will see a screen like the one below - this will allow you to create the account.

Logging in to the Private Area

When you click on the Login
link you will be taken to a login page like the one below.

Click the the 'Don't have a account at peaksoaring.co.uk' link.

Log in with the email address at which you received the invitation - if you don't have a password follow the instructions above.





Updating a current Google Account - if necessary

If you already have a google account then you may be able to log in directly using your current password.
You should use
THIS LINK if you with to add another email address to your current google account.